Lazy, Runny, Schedules.

2 09 2010

as the one week mark until i depart approaches (ummmm, is here..ahhh!!!), i find myself enjoying lazying about. i realize that once i leave for L.A., my days are going to be pretty much jam-packed with training, meeting new people, and general culture shocky-ness.

so i took today to sleep in, eat, read a bit, nap, watch TV, and chat with my roommate. i must admit that this day of rest was not entirely by choice. my car suddenly decided to spring a leak in the transmission, so i am without a car until (hopefully) tomorrow. i hope it is not an expensive fix. and i hope it is fixed because i have been putting off eating at several of my local establishments until now. time is a tickin!!

i made the wonderfully awful decision of eating a sonic chili-cheese coney tonight and a few hours later was paying for that on the toilet. too much information probably, but the point is this- while i sat on the toilet for a good while, i couldn’t help but think “this is awesome! toilets are amazing! i might not get to have intestinal issues in this comfortable of an environment for two whole years!”

speaking of comforts, my room is finally almost completely empty. it is now primarily filled with items i intend to bring with me- a clothing side of the room and a side for everything else. with the help of shaela it will all come together in to two bags and one carry-on bag (hopefully) weighing no more than 80lbs.

such a sad room now

i got some information on my arrival in vanuatu that i thought might be good to share as well. here is what i gots-

  • Thursday the 9th: Leave Austin at 2pm-ish, Arrive in LA 6pm-ish. Registration.
  • Friday the 10th: “Staging”, meetings all day, ice-breakers (hack, barf), hotel check-out. Fly out 9:30pm
  • Saturday: I will not have one! I will be crossing the International Dateline, woo-hoo!!
  • Sunday:Arrive in Auckland, New Zealand (!!!!!) 5:25am, Fly to Vanuatu, arrive 9:25am. At this point I will be living in all you American’s tomorrows. harhar!
  • Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon: At a training center with the 40 other volunteers living dorm-style. Full days of orientations, trainings, shots, interviews, etc. NO INTERNET . there might be small opportunities when I go to the capital, which is only scheduled once during this week.
  • Sep 17th: Off to a training site for the next six weeks. This is where the group of 40 is broken down in to smaller groups. I will have a host family and live with them. I will spend the days in language training, and technical training, but  a lot will be self-directed learning. Midway through these 6 weeks I will go and visit another PC volunteer who has lived at their site for a year and has a similar job. I will follow them and learn about their daily routine for a few days. I’m really looking forward to this part!
  • Nov 4th: Official Swearing In ceremony. Making it this far would mean I am officially a Peace Corps Volunteer. Until this date I am technically a “Peace Corps Trainee.”

Hope that helps give you a better idea of what I’ll be up to the first couple of months. My stomach starts churning thinking about it! (Or maybe that’s the hot dog)

if you end me your love via mail now, I might get it during training. It will be a nice time to hear from you, especially if I don’t have much internet at that time.