Big Blue has Arrived!!

30 07 2010

I didn’t get to give the UPS man a hug and kiss, but I did make my roommate listen to me squeal and take several photos of me with Mr. Blue Envelope!

Destination: VENUATU
Job Title: Primary Education Teacher and Literacy Trainer

Now I get to sort through all of this and continue adding to my 5 lists I have started. Hopefully think of a snazzier blog title and layout as well.

More to come!!


Patience Has Paid Off!

29 07 2010

I was nominated on December 30, 2008 and I began my online application process several months prior to that date. You do the math.

There is no question in my mind whether or not I will “accept” the invitation coming my way. I can’t wait to see Mr. UPS man show up at my door! Might just give him a big ‘ole kiss!