About Me

My name is Jennifer Roxane Blount and this blog, a continuation of this one,  will serve as a chronicle (as best as I can keep up) of my Peace Corps experience. I was invited to serve in Vanuatu as a primary education teacher and literacy trainer. I will leave on September 10, 2010 for Staging.

I was born in Odessa, Texas and moved to Austin in 2004. I am a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Studio Art and a BFA in Visual Art Studies.

When not saving the world I like to make art, teach art, eat and cook good foods, hoola hoop, swing dance, play in nature, and dream about the days I played the bagpipes.


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11 08 2010
Melissa J. Burns

Halo!! Nam blong mi Melissa Burns 🙂 Just wanted to introduce myself in the local lingo. I’m heading Vanuatu September 10th as well! I’m serving as an Information Technology Educator. I’d love to have a chat with you via email or phone… whichever is easiest for you.

Take Care and see you soon!

7 08 2011
Roxie Swain

I live in Jal, New Mexico (60 miles NW of Odessa) and we take the Odessa American. This morning (Sunday, August 7) there was a photo of you and a short article telling about your travels to Maewo. It gave a website address so I got on it and have read about your incredible experiences there. I just can’t imagine as I sit here in my air conditioned home, cooking a roast in a real oven for Sunday dinner and typing on my computer what it is actually like there. Your descriptions of life, food, customs are very detailed and enjoyable to read. You will come home a changed person having experienced things most of us can’t even imagine. Take care and best of luck to you on the rest of your journey. Roxie Swain

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