More Stealing from Nik: Bislama Awesomeness.

6 05 2013
I have a couple more to post from Nik’s Blog. But you can also go read all his adventures for yourself.
When I first got to Vanuatu, I remember Bislama sounding like an awesome foreign language; later I learned that was because I was hearing a Puerto Rican speaking it and that added an extra flair. Bislama is basically mispronouncing the English language. Once you learn Bislama it loses all of its grandeur. The one good thing is that Ni-Vanuatu really appreciate the ability to speak in Bislama and that makes the language endearing, but the best part of the language is trying to discover how to explain things with limited word choice (i.e. the immune system, HIV/AIDS, family planning). In 2000, Bislama had approximately 3,500 words opposed to English, which had approximately 35,000. Following is a list of my favorite Bislama words and phrases with their appropriate pronunciations and translations – some of these, in my opinion, are very creative. Remember, I have a very juvenile sense of humor – and spent most of Pre-service Training laughing at these – so don’t be overly serious as you read. In that same vein, some of these aren’t very appropriate (or are slang).
Bislama (Pronunciation) – Translation
Gat Hed (Got Head) – to be intelligent
Blong Mi (Blow Me) – mine
Woman Blong Mi (Woman Blow Me) – my wife
Naoia ia Nao (Now ya ya Now) – the time is now
Dikim Hol (Dick-mm Hole) – dig a hole
Givim Titi (Give-mm Titty) – to breastfeed
Titi Botl (Titty Bottle) – baby bottle
Faetem Kok (Fight-mm Cock) – masturbate
Rod Blong Sitsit (Road Blow Sit Sit) – colon
Rod Blong Pikinini (Road Blow Pick i nin i) – vagina
Plen i Foldaon (Plane e Fall Down) – the plane landed
Ek i Foldaon (Egg e Fall Down) – a woman is fertile



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