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4 03 2013

Going Ons in Tanoliu…..


Cleaned and organized the library space with the help of Awesome Aussie Anne and some helpful students. We’ve re-established “library time” with the Class 3, 4, and 6 class (there is no class 5 at my school this year- not enough space or teachers). I taught about book care and made new check-out logs. Anne helped each class find library monitors and trained the monitors in their duties (stamping books, checkin in and out all books, checking for damage). I also created library contracts that had to be signed by both student and parents to ensure care of books. They agree to pay a very small fine (50/100 vatu) if they severely damage or lose the books. I’m trying to teach more responsibility of materials and be a strict enforcer of rules as far as the library goes. I’ve made “book reports” that I will introduce when I return to Vanuatu, which will force the students to think a bit about the book they are reading. They’ll have to answer questions like “what is the book about?” and why they liked or did not like the book, etc. I will hold “office hours” in my home if students need extra help reading or filling out reports.



















The U.S. Ambassador for the Pacific (based in PNG) came to visit Vanuatu. he and another lady from the Embassy and 2 kind folks from U.S. AID also came to visit my house, village, and school.


The 6th grade girls were excited to help prepare fruits, make and present salu-salu’s (flower leighs) and visit with the Ambassador.




The visitors from the Embassy gave me some great educational materials and an awesome jazz poster and National Parks calendar, woot woot! 🙂




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