21 12 2012

Created by a volunteer and used many times in the Gender and Development workshops, “Bananas”, is an energizer or ‘ice breaker’ dance to get people up, moving, and comfortable with the facilitators and each other.

Ni-Vans LOVE to go bananas.

The words go like this:

Bananas, Come together!

Bananas, Separate!

And then you GO BANANAS, Go, Go, BANANAS!


You peel ’em go lo left

You peel ’em go lo right

You peel ’em go lo middle, afta MM, KAE KAE!



(Kae kae = “eat” in Bislama)


here is another fabulous video Nik made. he made it in the style of a Vanuatu String Band music video, basically using every filter and effect possible in the basic editing program to make it super “fancy”…. The villagers can’t get enough of it.





One response

8 01 2013

Hi! I’ve been sort of reading your blog on and off and just had to make a comment on this post and video… I’ve just spent a year in Santo, am now visiting my home in Finland, and will be returning back to Vanuatu next week (yay!). Anyways, I just dropped by to catch up with how others (like you) experience this wonderful country.. The video is great – it’s tooooo funny – and your comment about the stringband style just made it even better. Thanks for the posts, it all made me suuuper excited about coming back (not that I’d really find it hard, no). Ta ta!

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