18 09 2012

A preview of my future abode.

I will live next door to a married couple/ two teachers at the school with one 6-year old girl.

A water tank. No more drinking from a fresh flowing stream.

A water-seal toilet/shower next door to my neighbors. There’s a door and everything! Ha! I will mis my squat toilet, not gonna lie.

This village is beautiful. It sits right on the paved island ring road. There is an “American Pool”, a fresh water pool that used to be used during WWII for something else, I forgot what. And a WWII road museum with bottles and nick-nacks from the war.

Lots of roadside markets and several cafes and a large tourist hotel nearby. Strange. New. Exciting.

But I haven’t left Naviso yet. It’s going to be a slow, sad, but wonderful last few weeks at site. I foresee a LOT of kava.




3 responses

18 09 2012
Pam Blount

It looks great So excited for you

18 09 2012

That’s a lucky little girl to get you for a new neighbor. I predict fun times ahead. And hey! A toilet/shower with a door sounds pretty nice. You’ll still be living island life, just not quite so much country style. It’s great you will be having more adventures but this time with slightly more amenities attached.

That said, I am sure your Naviso family will be so so sad to see you move. A little like when your stateside friends and family said farewell to send you there in the first place.

Turns out there is something so BIG and wonderful about Jen being Jen, we all have to learn to share.

18 09 2012
Dylan LeBlanc

Excited for you Jen!

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