11 02 2012

The fast-paced “city” life and past three days of training have gotten the best of me once again. I find myself on my last full day in Port Vila, with less than three hours of internet remaining and a long list of “To-Do’s” that have yet to be done.

I did manage to buy my papa a new diving wire (spear) for his spear gun, meaning plenty meals of fish to come. Not sure how I’m getting it safely on the plane but I’ll figure it out.

I guess my last post for a while will be an update of what work I’ve been doing at site lately, and what I intend to do over the next 8 months.

Before Australia I taught the Anglican Mother’s Union how to make stencils out of plastic folders and paint their uniforms. While in Vila I bought more supplies and blue material so that the remaining members can finish creating and painting their uniforms.

I created 20 Gender and Development drawings for Nik and other volunteers to use in future PACA (participertory assessment and community analysis) workshops focusing primarily on teachers and schools.

In Vila this past week I met with a woman who asked me to do some drawings for Save the Children’s Child Protection Team. They are working on developing tools to be used in child abuse workshops and education related to child abuse. While it’s going to be difficult getting the drawings to her from my village, I am excited to be a part of something a bit larger in scope than just my village; something that could be potentially used globally.

School will be starting shortly when I get back and I will review many workshops with all of the teachers such as Phonics, lesson planning, and classroom management. I am going to assess students from each grade weekly and keep track of the progression of reading levels for students in each class.

In May Nik and I will hold our Kamp G.L.O.W and B.I.L.D which will require a lot of purchases of supplies and preperation of all sessions, including training of a few local facilitators. Thanks again for your donations, Dad and Pam! Here’s a blog entry about the Kamp we held on Maewo last year written by my pal Lindsay.

I wont be back in Port Vila in June or July for a medical follow up, at which time I am going to try and get scuba certified!

I’m really excited to return to the village life. While Australia was a lot of fun, it was a bit exhausting and disheartening to return to a community of people who care more about how they look and where they are going in an hour than what is happening in the world and about simple relationships with others. I can’t wait to go back to my two sisters and three brothers, and the 100+ kids in my village.

It’ll be exciting to see how many chickens are still alive, how overgrown my yard has become, what creatures have moved in to my house, and not have to worry about whether I match or my shoes are broken.

Until next time. Love and Lap Lap!

Jennifer Roxane




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22 05 2012

Oh, Jen. ;~* etc.

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