Got eyes for Bondi.

31 01 2012

It all started in Vanuatu.

There was this Kiwi named Blair who was traveling in Vanuatu and soon to start a job in Sydney. Being excited by this interesting hotel stranger, Melissa, heather and I took it upon ourselves to share our wealth of Kava and Vila knowledge with this poor guy. We drug him along to a local futbol game and earned the title “Champion People” by helping Blair package his bow and arrow from Tanna (which is now hanging on his Sydney wall).

Enter Jennifer, cleared to come to Sydney but now without a place to stay because we had cancelled my hostel reservations last minute when the ole health fun arose. Blair invited me in to his little abode in North Bondi, where I stayed for around a week until joining Melissa and Mac in their second hostel.

Blair lives in a houseful of lovely folk who were nice enough to share their quirky place with me.

Zander, the American out of Vermont/New York, surfer, swimming buddy

Eden, works at the wine shop, gentle hunter of deer, serious about skin care

Camille, the beautiful 2nd grade teacher, lived in the Bush, responsible for a very happy bellyful of roast chicken and potatoes

Ripper the purple pant owner, walk of shame mate, makes me feel like I’m talking to Mike Skinner of The Streets

Blair the Kiwi, musician, scholar, linguist

Thank you. Tank yu Tumas. Thanks a million for letting me stay with you.

At the O’Donnell house BBQ, I had the opportunity to meet several other fancy folk. Chris, a hydro and solar man who frequents Vanuatu served as our lovely Bondi/Oxford Street Tour guide for a night of truly good times. I don’t think you can go wrong with people who hold weekly moonlight cinemas at their house and have a trapeze in their yard.

It’s especially nice to experience a large city from a local perspective, and be reminded that I can in fact function and socialize around people like me. Thanks to Blair and the Bondi days I was able to:

go to a backyard BBQ complete with rabbit, venison, kangaroo, and other snausages.

be a victim of a flying chunk of watermelon and fail miserably at a watermelon eating contest.

swim and bake in a sauna on a rainy day at Iceberg Pool, which overlooks Bondi Beach.

drink a bloody mary and nice wine at a wine bar/cafe amongst locals. (dark haired Israeli man (Alon) with adorable girlfriend, I will wait for you:)

eat rhubarb for first time.

see 10 minutes of a moonlight cinema (interrupted by bad news).

use high speed internet! weeeee!

drink Moroccanish style Tanna coffee.

have a night completely planned by somebody else and dance the magic dance in to the morning.

having conversations about my life right now with people who actually understand something of what it’s like to be living on an island.

I’m glad to have shared time with these interesting Bondi folk, who are beautiful from toe to nose.




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